Why our ingredients are different than the rest?

  • We use Imported “OO” Italian Flour. Our dough is made fresh, then allowed time for the yeast to ferment, thus building character and texture as well as producing a more “complex” flavor (much like a fine wine). 

  • Our signature Marinara sauce consists of an All natural tomato product enhanced with an original recipe. NEVER watered down, the flavor is bold and incomparable.

  • Our Homemade Beef. All Natural, U.S. ground chuck, seasoned to perfection.

  • Our Mozzarella Cheese. All-Natural Grande Cheese from Wisconsin. It is the highest quality cheese in the industry. Extremely fresh, creamy and flavorful!

  • Homemade Alfredo Sauce. Our family recipe sauce is made in house from scratch. It is extremely rich and extremely tasty. It is featured on the Chicken Alfredo pizza. 

  • Our Vegetables. Washed and Cut daily. We only want the freshest to go on your pizza. Anything less is unacceptable.

  • Our Oven. Each pizza is hand baked directly on a stone surface with a blanket of flames. Your pizza is enlightened with a smoky, delicious flavor and the high heat of the oven (exceeding 900°) leaves your pizza with the most sought after tender crunch.