Tom and Lisa have always  dreamt about having their own restaurant. In 2006, that dream came true. Although the rental space was small, it was the perfect place to execute their recipes and to share their creations. Joined by their four children, the family was dedicated and proud to serve delicious pizza to other families so everyone could enjoy truly delicious pizza. 

      After years of research and experimentation, Wood Fired Pizza Company has created, modified, and perfected the concept of what pizza should be. We adapted the oldest method (and the best method) of cooking pizza with a combination of superior ingredients and family recipes. Our style combines old world technique with modern tastes that give you a pie unlike any other. Each pizza is delicately assembled by our loving staff and then kissed by roaring flames, which adds the final and Wood Fired flavor you cannot get from anywhere else. 

      Today, we are blessed with magnificent employees we consider our family, who display passion and pride in our products. In addition, we have teamed up with other dedicated “Pizzaiolo’s” to further spread the joy of our creations.